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The Band

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Ruth Wise




Sam Davies

Sionnach Rua Family



The Sionnach Rua Family comprises of band members who still play with the band when

they can.   The great Luke Plumb is one of these members. Love your work Luke!


Luke Plumb

Music Tells A Story



​Sionnach Rua is Gaelic, Ireland’s native language and translates in English to Red Fox. 


What is Sionnach Rua? [pronounced shun-ukh roo-a]



Dreaming in the night, I saw a land where no man had to fight
Waking in your dawn, I saw you crying in the morning light
Lying where the Falcons fly, they twist and turn all in you e'er blue sky
Living on your western shore, saw summer sunsets asked for more
I stood by your Atlantic sea and I sang a song for Ireland

"Song for Ireland". Phil Colclough

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